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Hand Painted Kitchens



Whether you choose a solid colour, an aged, French Provencal or other special finish, a hand painted kitchen has a soft and timeless look.

The subtle brush strokes created by painting with a brush add a richness that spray painting or 2pac cannot achieve.  The finish is durable, washable and ages well.  It is easily retouched and affords the versatility of changing the colour years down the line.  Hand painting especially suits classic or traditional style furniture and cabinetry.

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Most kitchens these days are made of mdf (medium density fibre board). Hand painting gives the mdf a sense of solidity, the subtle texture of the brush strokes renders mdf nearly indistinguishable from solid timber.

Even mdf cabinetry stands out as beautiful furniture when painted well.


Before and After

The price of a new kitchen can be prohibitive.  In some cases, when the kitchen is well designed and perfectly sound but dated, or if one is putting their house on the market and is looking for a bit of a facelift for the existing kitchen, painting the cabinetry, changing the bench tops, handles and the splash back can completely change the look of the room for a fraction of the cost of a new kitchen.

Deepdene before
Deepdene before
Deepdene after
Deepdene after
Highette before
Highette before
Highette after
Highette after


Paint has a transformative power.  Painting, or changing the colour of a piece of furniture creates something totally different and can change the whole look and feel of a room.

Paint finishes like distressing (making it look old and battered) or incorporating a Scandinavian folk design are ways of turning a piece of furniture into a real feature.  This works especially well for childrens’ furniture; painting a checkerboard on a small table, their favourite storybook characters on a toy chest, or a chalkboard on their wardrobe door makes a piece of furniture unique and personal.

Many people see this as a fun DIY project.  It is!  Remember, though, achieving the best result requires dedication to the prep work: the cleaning and sanding and priming.  Do a bit of research, have a bit of patience and you’ll find it a really satisfying process.  However, if you don’t want to do it yourself,  I’m here.

From this
To this
dresser before
dresser after.


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